Kiwi Overhead Cable Management System1 min read

Kiwi made a great cable management system, it keeps your cables out of the way, while allowing you to still move freely.

Having the cable away from your legs really improves immersion, improves safety by reducing the risk of tripping, and is the next best thing to going wireless. 

Another note, other cable management systems I have looked into do not have the hooks and anchors I drilled into the ceiling, so I cannot say whether they will reliably stick to the ceiling for very long. Other systems only have the clear plastic hooks I showed you, but if you want to be sure your system will stay, get the Kiwi system so you can drill those anchors. If you are renting you will be able to cover them with a small amount of drywall spackling.


Kiwi Cable Management

HDMI Extension

USB 3.0 Extension

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