Oculus Rift Sensor Mounts1 min read

Wall mounts give your VR setup a lot more flexibility. They allow your sensors to reach positions they would not be able to otherwise, and they can do so in a professional looking way. 

I looked into options for the 3D printer, but found that the following option via Amazon was actually cheaper.

All-in-One Product

Sturdy Wall Mount

This option is really nice because it is low cost, but still comes with everything you need. You also have a much wider range of motion than with the regular wall mounts.

I originally purchased the 3D printed sticky mounts, listed below, but I am going to get these instead.

This option works well if you need to avoid putting holes in your walls. It comes with the 3D printed wall mounts, plus Command Strips to secure the mount to the wall. 

The sticky mount does seem to be secure,  this option is more expensive, however, so keep that in mind.

3D Printed Sticky Mount

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