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Some of the coolest games for VR, such as Pavlov, Payday 2, and Onward, feature you holding a virtual rifle. Then your hands flop around with absolutely no connection between the two, and the immersion is lost.

What can you do? Get yourself a gun stock!

In addition to improving immersion, users report that gun stocks dramatically improve their aim, even letting them aim down the sites on their virtual weapon!

You have a few options here, you can go with the 3D printed model, which is likely to save you some money, although the quality will suffer. These tend to lock your controllers in, which makes it difficult to switch between rifle, pistol, grenade, etc. 

Or, you can go with the Mamut magnet stock, which quickly attaches and detaches your controllers to the stock.

Oculus Tips wants viewers to know about this product, we will review it in due time, or you can submit your review here.

If the price or needing to wait for the Mamut stock to ship from Europe isn’t in your plans, you can view a few different 3D models (significant assembly required) by continuing further down the page.

Printed Magnetic Option

This model relies heavily on 3D printing, so be ready to use a good deal more material than most of the 3D products we recommend. This model does have the option for you to include magnetic attachments,  which is better than most models out there!

As good as this model is, it lacks the extra arm the Mamut mount has coming at an angle to your shoulder. Some users may prefer one way or the other, however it looks like Mamut is really onto something!

PVC Option

This option is less expensive at the expense of losing the ability to custom fit your mount to your arms. It also lacks the quick release of magnetic, and is only recommended if FPS VR as a last resort.

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