Beat Saber is one of the best games in VR, having sold over 100,000 copies its first month, and hundreds of thousands of copies since. 

It is the game that convinced me to buy the Oculus Rift, and is one of the few games “UpIsNotJump” says is not a nightmare in VR.  I could review it myself, but, well, just watch this one instead. 

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How to Add Custom Songs & Sabers

Beat Saber goes from “great” to “fantastic” when you start adding custom songs, custom sabers, and other addons.

To begin modding your game, in other words, to begin adding custom songs, sabers, and… well, just about everything else you could think of, you will need the Beat Saber Mod Manager, which you can find here. 

  1. Go to Modsaber Installer.
  2. Click to download the latest version titled BeatSaberModManager.exe (see picture)
  3. Make sure BeatSaber is closed before installing.
  4. Launch the .exe, confirm that the game’s directory is correctly selected.
    1. Should be automatically selected, otherwise you will have to find the hyperbolic-magnetism folder.
    2. The .exe may trigger a warning from Windows when you run it, don’t worry, it’s fine, click “More Info” and then “Run Anyway.”
  5. Once ModSaber is We recommended you donate to the creator, even just $5 helps! 
  6. Then click the button (sometimes says “Not Today”)
  7. Brows mods, especially Core mods, select extras if you wish. You can click “View Selected Mod Info” to find out what the mods do. 
  8. Click “Install/Update” to install the mods.
Now launch Beat Saber and you will see a new menu option on the main menu called “Mods.” You can browse new songs, try them out, add your favorites, and see any other mods you’ve installed as well.
Step 2: Mod Manager Install File

Downloading Custom Songs

Beat Saver is the way to download and play custom songs. There are literally thousands of songs for you to choose from at, or, if you followed the instructions in the previous section about modding you will be able to install new songs directly in game. Which is awesome.

Recommended Songs

The very best custom Beat Saber songs are the ones where the mapper incorporates the music, rhythm, and lyrics into the map. A great example of this is Uptown Funk, mapped by BennyDaBeast. Benny took the disco feel of Uptown Funk, incorporated it into the song, and before you know it you are doing disco with lightsabers. It was really well done. 

The following are songs I recommend, either because I edited (fixed) them, or they were perfect and amazing already. Songs I “fixed” were good songs, with a lot of good mapping,  though they broke one (or more) of the “7 Deadly Sins of Song Mapping” I’ve listed below.

If you have already installed the Mod Manager you can install these songs in game, just do a search for them (use exact spelling) and they will come up.

Mapping Your Own Songs

I give you the 7 Deadly Sins of Map Making (don’t do these):

  1. Notes that block visibility
  2. Bomb abuse/wall misuse
  3. No lighting effects
  4. Overly repetitive note patterns
  5.  Impossible notes
  6. Under-mapping/over-mapping.
  7. Not testing (extensively) before publishing.

Ready to take Beat Saber to the next level? Time to go saberstaff style. 

This will push you more than you would think, but once you get the hang of it, you will feel like a true Jedi Master. Or, Sith Lord, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Now, most people do not have their own 3D printer, however many schools, universities, public libraries, or small businesses will let you use their 3D printer for a reasonable price. You will also need a few nuts and bolts, as well as a pipe, but you can find a list of required items in the link below.

I am looking into being able to print these things myself for those who are not able to print them at a library or small business, but that will not be for some time.

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